My work and I


All in one

Get your corporate identity package.

From € 350


If you're about to start a new company or if you'd like to restyle your current design, make sure you get a matching logo with it.

From € 100


From professional business cards to wedding and birth cards, anything is possible.

From € 75


Get your menu designed here.

From € 90


Working on a campaign? Make sure you have some folders ready, so people know what to expect there.

From € 90


The design of the resume is based on the job sector, in which the client would like to work.

From € 40


On the wall, outside or next to the road, a handy way to promote your business.

From € 100


Perfect for announcing your event, or to hang it in your office. 

From € 90


Besides designing i love photography. It would be my pleasure to help you get the shot you've always dreamed of!

From € 50


What's better than wearing a t-shirt, that represents your club / company or says exactly what you think?

From € 50

My name is Valeri, a freelance graphic designer and photographer, strong in several different languages. What I like about designing is, that there are many possibilities to express the brand, so you have all the freedom you need, to come up with a perfect design.

As a starting company I'm more than happy to expand my network and meet new people / clients. I like learning new skills. If you're interested in cooperation let me know. Let's learn from each other.